Our Quality department is headquartered in Baghdad Iraq. The quality assurance/control will be monitored and managed from this location, by a professional quality assurance manager, inspectors, and engineers. On all Our jobsites there will be a Quality Control Manager and Quality inspectors to inspect and assure all installations are performed in accordance with applicable standards.

Quality Assurance :

The design will be performed in accordance with all contractual requirements, client
specifications, and international /local standards necessary for achieving a cost effective quality installation.
During the design phase and early construction effort associated with all projects, there is a continuous flow of purchased materials. The quality assurance group will be responsible for assuring all materials meet applicable standards and adhere to the approved design. This effort will be performed in the following manner:

  • Our will utilize material suppliers and fabricators which have experience in achieving thequality standards our company represents.
  • Our quality department will inspect, audit and monitor all suppliers’ internal qualitycontrol/assurance systems. This will be performed prior to award of purchase orders,periodically during fabrication, and upon final completion before shipment.
  • Our quality department will secure recommendations and necessary witness/hold pointsfrom the supplier for field erection. This information will be incorporated into our quality control plan and implemented at jobsite.
  • Our quality department assures that all materials are new in nature and have never been previously utilized.

Quality Control :

Under the direction of the Quality Control Manager a full service laboratory will be established at the jobsite. The laboratory will perform all the ASTM testing necessary for completing a project in accordance with all applicable engineering standards and per ASTM requirements.
This is achieved as follows;
  • The field Q/C department will inspect all locally utilized materials at the point of origin,prior to purchase and shipment.
  • The field Q/C department will assure that all engineered mix designs for concrete or asphalt are strictly adhered too. Utilization of 3rd party testing will be performed in order to verify compliance accordingly if necessary.
  • An Independent (3rd party) calibration and certification of all laboratory equipment, batch equipment and scales will be performed prior to issuance of purchase order or utilization of company owned batch plants.
  • A geotechnical / soils investigation will be performed by a third party in order toestablish proper soils procurement and establish proctors for compaction.
  • High potting of all high voltage cable.
  • Di-electric Testing of all step up and step down transformers.
  • Megger testing cables.
  • Pressure testing of all tanks, underground catch basins, and associated piping systems.
  • Verifying Witness/Hold Points recommended by suppliers for large package systems, such as Generators, Treatment Units, RO Units, Central A/C systems, etc…

Health, Safety, Security, & Environmental (HSSE)

With the addition of US government projects in 2004, Our was required to develop a formalized HSSE plan. Since all US government contracts our governed by the FAR regulations, Our has choose to implement our HSSE plan in parallel with the US safety regulations outlined in their safety manual EM-385-1.
While a large portion of Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s HSSE plans are generic and utilized on all projects.
Our has found the necessity to tailor each HSSE plan to a specific project’s needs. Below is an overview of our HSSE plans / goals to achieve a safe and environmental friendly work place.
  • An onsite medical representative will be onsite (Doctor or EMT).
  • All Minor First Aid cases will be treated onsite.
  • A fully equipped safety caravan with all the necessary first aid supplies will be stationed onsite.
  • Injuries beyond minor first aid and requiring emergency treatment; will be taken to thelocal hospital.
  • First-Aid kits will be located at the First-Aid Stations through the jobsite.
  • Emergency telephone numbers – Emergency telephone numbers will be posted at the worksite office.
  • All onsite personnel during orientation will by addressed by the medical representative on the importance of reporting all first aid cases.
Safety requirements will be clearly understood by all employees, subcontractors and suppliers; through exposure to a combination of the following:
  • New hire orientations.
  • Weekly Safety Meetings.
  • Project wide Monthly Safety Meetings.
  • Special safety training sessions.
  • Applicable Local Governmental State Safety requirements.
  • Contractual obligations.
  • Client safety requirements.
  • Industry practices.
Prior to commencement of work activities each employee will complete the site specific Safety and Environmental orientation including the site accident prevention plan review. Topics as minimum shall include:
  • Site specific safety rules.
  1. Hazards the employee may be exposed to.
  2. Prohibited access to site areas.
  3. Traffic Rules.
  4. Evacuation procedures.
  5. Emergency notification whistles, alarms or other communication protocol.
  • Job site work rules.
  1. Injury, Accident/Incident and Near Miss reporting procedures.
  2. PPE requirement
  3. Confined Space Policy
  4. Fall Protection Policy
  5. Lock Out / Tag Out Procedure
  6. Dust Control.
  7. Cell phone use.
  • Location of site and Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Hazardous waste procedures.
  • Incentive program.

Incentive Program

The incentive program will be implemented on all projects. The rewards will be established on project by project basis. The rewards and expedited goals will be published and posted in various locations throughout the jobsite.
Safe hours worked are rewarded to employees who work without incident throughout the month.
Pre-determined points will be deducted for unsafe acts and accidents/injuries caused by unsafe work practices.


Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s site specific security plan is tailored to the client’s specific needs and in accordance with the “Primary Security Forces” existing plan. The basic formulization for this plan is to address “Threat Assessment and Operational Concepts”. Threat assessments are unique to each project thus identified and addressed accordingly.
Operational Concepts are client/contractor specifics necessary to establish a safe / secure environment for all working personnel. Our approaches this accordingly:
  • Coordinating all Security activities with the Force Protection representative onsite.
  • Badging all Our or subcontract personnel that work onsite.
  • Physical scanning and or Escorting of subcontractors, material deliveries and vehicles entering jobsite
  • Site Security Operations and Control of movement inside the jobsite area.
  • Co-ordination with the existing quick reaction force of a specific secured area.
  • Off Site movement and escorting of personnel: screening, vetting and listing contractors before entering to the Site.


Our will develop a master plan based on site specifics, at a minimum the following topics will be incorporate into the plan and day to day practices.
  • Control of running water
  • Control of standing water
  • Control of fuel wastage at filling points
  • Leakage associated with operating equipment & vehicles
  • Control over dust producing activities
  • Mud spillage on haul roads and entrances
  • Removal of bulk building waste materials
  • Removal of solvents and chemicals
  • Removal of packaging materials
  • Human waste

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