Crude, Gasoline, Gasoil, Storage Tanks

Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s staff just finishing working in 4 NOS Gasoline Tanks with SKA, the capacity for each Tank is 5000 CM, through our staff welders and fabricators and inspectors according API 653, 650 standards, all the welders is inspected from SGS and they issue qualification for the welders you can find below some picture of the project and Certificates of completion from SKA .


Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s architectural group is extremely talented and represents all regions of Iraq. Our architectural engineers have designed man camps, prison facilities, military bases, roads, courthouses, buildings and the entire necessary infrastructure to support these facilities. Our can perform both commercial and industrial designs for buildings through the use of all types of materials available in the Middle East: to include concrete, brick, block, structural steel with siding, and structural steel with sandwich panels. Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s’s architects are familiar and utilize American, British, and Iraqi standards in performing their design effort.

Civil & Roadways

Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s civil group performs all concrete installation in accordance with the American Standard ACI 318. Our personnel are experienced in structural concrete to include sub-grade, on grade, & elevated concrete foundations such as; masonry block, pilings, concrete buildings, building foundations, rotating equipment foundations, tank foundations, and concrete tanks. On projects of adequate size will supply the rock crushers and concrete batch plants necessary to assure quality materials. The installation of these materials are closely monitored through our onsite laboratory and assures compliance with ASTM and ACI standards As with the civil group, our roadway personnel perform all installations under American standards. Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s has considerable experience with both asphalt and gravel roadways. Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s crushes the road aggregate and batches asphalt onsite through the utilization of our mobile batch plants. Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s also, has the ability to secure the necessary components for batching asphalt locally through the Iraqi government or by importing them from the neighboring countries.

Electrical Systems & Power

Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s’s electrical & power group have a wide range of experience. They design traditional electrical systems for buildings to include inter-lighting, CCTV, intercoms, and exterior lighting. Our also has the capabilities to design the primary power sources for building compounds through utilization of standalone generator stations (with ring systems) and or links to the national power grid. Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s’s experience also includes the installation of high voltage power stations (132KV), to include the necessary high potting of large cables, ringing out wiring, installation of step-up / step-down transformers, and termination of control panels 

Water & Waste Water Facilities

Al Sahil Al Sharqy’s specializes in the establishment of an integrated water purification projects and waste water treatment plants, including all tankage, holding ponds, purification stations, network designs and implementation. In addition the company has imported various technologies and process equipment to support our WTP/ WWTP facilities from well-known suppliers throughout the international community.
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