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AL- Sahil Al Sharqy ,for Trading and Contracting company established in ( Iraq ) at (2005 ) . by professional staff working in many fields in Iraq, and Jordan, The company primarily did importing and exporting of specialized materials/equipment and construction projects for the various ministries. In 2003, its work profile to include EPC (engineering, procurement & Sub-Contractor ) with Al-Barih Company type projects and expanded its clientele to include AFCEE and USACE both US government contracting agencies working in Iraq.
Now Al-Sahil Al-Sharqy working Jointly with Dr Concrete Co. for Commercial agencies,located in Basrah, you can find with our company profile company profile for Dr. Concrete and its past performance in Basra.

The senior management of our organization is comprised deferent field Iraqi personnel. Because of this diversification, we are familiar with the particular differences in executing work throughout all regions of Iraq.
Our maintains a workforce of 20 to 50 professional staff and engineers, depending on the workload. Our’s veteran group of personnel are extremely experienced in executing projects within Iraq, with approximately 20% of the personnel having 15 years of experience or more in their specialized fields. Our is headquartered in Seeb , Sultanate Of Oman but maintains offices in Amman, Jordan and Dubai, UAE.
The head of our technical team Dr. Faez Al-Qassab as a civil consultant, Dr Qusai Talib as a mechanical Consultant and Eng Samer as a electrical designer, you can find their projects with our company profile, they will be responsible for all our new projects.
For SCADA systems ASAS will working jointly with Quantum Technologies you can find in attached their profile and Authorization letter to our company.

Vision Statement

To utilize worldwide technologies,professionally installed, in a safe manner while maintaining the highest quality standards possible.


  • Iraq - Baghdad, Hay Aljamea Airabee Street Upon Afran Alkooh
    Tele Iraq: 00964 770 7701966

    Tele Jordan: 00962 797701966

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